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The Strange & Beyond
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The Strange & Beyond

Welcome to my web site!

I love the abnormal. I have been thinking about doing a web site about it but didn't know how to go at it, until now!

Right now this web site is very bare. I can only put on this site stuff on things that have happened in my family. But I hope that all that decide to read my web site will hopefully send there stories to me so that all can hear about your outstanding occurances.

I've designed this web site to spread what I love! The Strange & Beyond! Please decide to sent me your abnormal life experiences and sign my guest book! I will love to hear from you!

I will update this website whenever I get new stuff! Hope to here from you,

Your 2 Sense

whenever someone wants to put in their 2 sense, they can just email me on the contact me page and I'll get it on the web page ASAP!!!!

Click below for my guestbook. Please sign it! I would love to see who visits my website.

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